Workplace Rental Rules

Our site mainly serves the automotive industry and includes various companies in other branches. The works to be done on our site are subject to the permission of our management, and the workplaces rented on our site are obliged to comply with the rules of the building management plan. Some types of work that should not be done are as follows
  1. Cargo, shipping works 
  2. Scrap, scrap work,
  3. Bus, truck and vehicle gallery purchase and sale works,
  4. Works involving chemical substances, odor, dust and flammable substance risk,
  5. Crawler machines cannot be repaired and maintained.
  6. Bus, truck and tractor repair works cannot be done outside the areas allocated to them. (Entry can be made by leaving the trailers of the vehicles coming for tow truck repair off the site. for the vehicles which are coming to repair their trailers tow truck repair.)