Industrial Site

It was established in 1974 on area of 258,000 sqm in Istanbul İkitelli zone.

It contributes to the Turkish economy with 1190 workshops placed in the industry area.


Message from our President

I would like to thank the valuable members who elected us to the board of directors of Dolapdere Industrial Site Management Cooperative, on behalf of my friends who is in the board of directors and supervisors. Change has begun for Dolapdere Industrial Site; We will achieve the change together with your support.
Our All Support


Our all Support Units provide services in various fields for valuable members of our industrial site.

Food Court

Restaurants, cafes, buffets and food and beverage areas are on service.

Car Park

Parking lot, car wash and valet services are monitored 24/7 with security cameras.

Bank Branches

Many bank branches and ATM areas provide convenience to our members.

Türk Telekom

You can perform all transactions related to telecommunication and internet services at Türk Telekom

Tax Administration

You can make any tax payments, debt inquiries and all your other transactions.

Football Pitches

It is an area where our members can do social and sports activities.


All announcements and latest developments about Dolapdere Industrial Site Cooperative…

Board of Directors Change

Ömer HANOĞLU, Member of the Board of Directors, took over the presidency of the cooperative with a new team at the 2020 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting.

Otomotiv Sektöründe Yeni Normal Ve Sektöre Yön Veren Son Trendler

Değerli esnaflarımız, “Otomotiv Sektöründe Yeni Normal Ve Sektöre Yön Veren Son Trendler” webinarına katılmanızı tavsiye ederiz.

Yeni Otoparkımızın Kiralama Başvuruları Başladı

Kooperatifimize Yeni Kazandırdığımız İki Adet Otoparkı Kiralamak İçin Başvurular Başladı


Dolapdere Industrial Site
Promotion Film

Our cooperative, which is a pioneer in foreign import and export, employs approximately 4,600 people.

On our site, 17th part subsection, 23. part – a part of the 24. part and 20. part have been opened for food areas where is opposite the Tax Office.

There is a Mosque, Football Pitches, Tax Office and Halk Bank in the site.

Our cooperative located in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone is HASEYAD in the east, AYKOSAN and METALİŞ in the west, Güngören-Bağcılar Industrial Estate in the north, Deposite Shopping Mall and Clothing Arts Industrial Site in the south.


Our Dolapdere Industrial Site provides convenience in transportation with its central location. It is possible to reach by metro, bus and minibus.

Settlement Map

Our cooperative is located as HASEYAD in the east, AYKOSAN and METALİŞ in the west, and Deposite AVM in the south.

Dues Payments

Dear members, you can pay securely with your credit card through our online dues payment system.

Job Postings

You can reach the current job postings, rental and sale shops in our Dolapdere Industry Site.