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Was established in 1974 on an area of 258,000 m² with the gathering of Istanbul Dolapdere craftsmen.

Hrant NAGİR was elected as the first president of the cooperative, and in 1989 Rafet AYIK was elected as the president of the cooperative and took over the management of the cooperative. In this period, the construction works of the Cooperative started and in 1994, the workplaces were started to be delivered to their owners by drawing lots. With the contracts signed with İSKİ and İĞDAŞ in 2004, our site got water and natural gas. In 2006, with the participation of 9th President Mr. Süleyman Demirel, began to be distributed to our cooperative members.

With the death of President Rafet AYIK in 2011, Board Member Cemal Bacakcı took over the Presidency of the Cooperative. In 2016, our cooperative became a business cooperative.
At the 2020 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held in 2021, board member Ömer HANOĞLU set out with the Change Group movement, was elected with his team and took over the cooperative management.

Today, there are 1,190 workplaces on our site, ranging in size from 20 m² to 800 m², and 805 companies operate. The number of our registered members of our cooperative is 826.

The companies operating on our site mainly provide repair and spare parts for heavy vehicles, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, as well as construction equipment and motorcycle groups. Our cooperative, which is a pioneer in foreign import and export, employs approximately 5,250 people.



Dolapdere Industrial Site
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Our cooperative, which is a pioneer in foreign import and export, employs approximately 4,600 people.

On our site, 17th part subsection, 23. part – a part of the 24. part and 20. part have been opened for food areas where is opposite the Tax Office.

There is a Mosque, Football Pitches, Tax Office and Halk Bank in the site.

Our cooperative located in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone is HASEYAD in the east, AYKOSAN and METALİŞ in the west, Güngören-Bağcılar Industrial Estate in the north, Deposite Shopping Mall and Clothing Arts Industrial Site in the south.